It's Forest Awareness Day

The Canadian Women in Timber are born of the forest. Each and every one of our members is connected to this vast natural resource. We reserve a Wednesday in October to pay homage to the sector that supports our families, our communities and our province. So join us in celebrating Forest Awareness Day.

Announcing the CWIT 2017 Annual General Meeting

The Canadian Women in Timber announce their Annual General Meeting to be held via conference call, October 27th at 3:00 PM. Members are welcome to join the call. Please RSVP to get your call passcode. Email to join us. Why a conference call? As travel and venue rentals become more expensive, we decided this year to host our meeting via teleconference. This will allow us to use more of our funds for those activities that focus on awareness through eduction!

To encourage sound management and wise use of forest resources in Canada for the benefit of all, with a focus on public education through schools and community organizations; and enhance and foster public understanding of BC’s forest resources and sustainable forest management.

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