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We are keeping downloadable versions of our educational materials on our website until April of 2023, however, hard copies are no longer available If you wish to download and print the following resources for use with students and children, you are welcome to. All publications remain under the copyright of the Canadian Women in Timber and cannot be used other than intended. 

Splinter Activity Books


The Splinter Activity Books are designed for students in grades K-8 and include word facts, puzzles, games and worksheets, drawing and colouring projects. Younger children will enjoy "Fun in the Forest", while older kids will love the challenges in "Logging with Splinter". Teachers can use various pages as classroom activities. We have given away thousands of copies of both books to happy forest exporers across the province. Contact us for copies, or download a copy below.

Wood Facts

The Canadian Women in Timber are excited to launch our newest educational book called Wood Facts. It joins our Forestry Facts in a series of ‘test your IQ’ question and answer books. With this new book we are also pleased to introduce two new characters who guide the reader through the book. They are named Cookie and Spruce. Cookie—a robust and jolly fellow—is made from a slice off the end of a log. He loves to ask people to guess how old he is! Cookie’s partner is Spruce. This lanky and fashionable gal is a 2x4 cut from a spruce log. She is proud of the fact that she is a sink for greenhouse gasses and is helping to combat climate change! 

Forestry Facts 


Join Splinter as he tests your forest IQ. Learn 10 news things about the forest that you didn’t know before. Illustrated with smiling trees and perky Blue Jays, this little booklet provides a fun way to teach your children about the science and ecology of BC forests. Booklets are available for schools and forest education providers, please contact us for more information, or download a copy below.

Wood Facts Book for web_Page_01.jpg
Splinter's TIMBER LOG


Our most recent publication is Splinter's TIMBER LOG. This large format brochure is a snap shot of the forest sector in BC. A great introduction tool for teaching about forestry or refreshing your general knowledge about the sector. As with all of our products, you can contact us for copies, or download the PDF below.

Splinter's Log Book 2020_Page_1.jpg
Splinter's Downloadable EXTRAS - just click the image!
Leaves Colouring Page CWIT.jpg

Download this colouring page. Try a summer version and a fall version - how to the colours change?

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