• Sandy McKellar

2018 Forest Awareness Day

CWIT exhibit booth

The Canadian Women in Timber are planning a celebration—one that pays homage to BC’s forest sector – Forest Awareness Day. For almost 30 years we’ve put the first Wednesday of October aside to look to our forests, and recognize them for the bounty they provide for us. Our grassroots organization is closely connected to the natural resource sector, and as such, we know how important forests are to every British Columbian. Our directors and members are volunteers who work at the community level to bring Forest Awareness Through Education to people who may not be as familiar with our forests. This year we are asking you to join us!

The Canadian Women in Timber is a registered non-profit, charitable society whose goal is to enhance and foster public understanding of BC’s forest resources and sustainable forest management. Established in 1989, we are a grassroots organization. Members are all volunteers and are committed to making a positive difference. Most members have a connection to the forest industry and are the first to experience the social and economic consequences of forest land-use decisions and policy changes.

We encourage sound management and wise use of our forest resources and believe a viable forest industry and healthy forests go hand-in-hand.

We are dedicated to informing the public regarding our forests and the forest industry by promoting forest awareness through education. A good deal of this education is focused on school children as they are the decision makers of the future. Given this knowledge we hope to inspire future generations to cherish our forests and lead a thriving forest industry for Canada. We produce and distribute material with factual information about forests and the industry. This includes unique activity books and other resources for school-aged children. We also attend and promote our educational material at various public venues and forestry-related forums and volunteer our time to help other organizations.

This year, we’d like to use Forest Awareness Day as a platform to encourage British Columbians in the forest sector to join our organization and empower our programs and reach. As a member of the Canadian Women in Timber your involvement can be as big or as small as you want—from a few minutes a month to several hours or more! If you choose not to become actively involved, your financial support as a member will help sustain the organization.

Canadian Women in Timber has a provincial board of directors and branches throughout BC. Each branch has their own executive and carry out independent programs and activities in their community as per the Canadian Women in Timber constitution and by-laws.

Although our group was founded by women, we are not exclusive. Men represent a significant component of our membership and serve on our Board of Directors.

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