• Sandy McKellar

Join Cookie and Spruce and discover your Wood IQ!

The Canadian Women in Timber are excited to launch our newest educational book called Wood Facts. It joins Forestry Facts in a series of ‘test your IQ’ question and answer books. With this new book we introduce two new characters named Cookie and Spruce.

Cookie—a robust and jolly fellow—is made from a slice off the end of a log. He loves to ask people to guess how old he is! Cookie’s partner is Spruce. This lanky and fashionable gal is a 2×4 cut from a spruce log. She is proud of the fact that she is a sink for greenhouse gasses and is helping to combat climate change! 

The fact book features nine questions and answers about wood. The story starts with how wood is made, examines some of its unique features, and explains how to enhance wood’s inherent strength. Next is a feel good section on how wood can help reduce the impacts of climate change followed by new and exciting ways that wood and wood derivatives can be used in a whole range of different products. Wood Facts is part of a collection of teaching tools designed to promote Forest Awareness through Eduction. Check the Education section of our website for lots of great resources.

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